A motherboard (also called mainboard, main circuit board, or mobo) is the main printed circuit board (PCB) in general-purpose computers and other expandable

The Large Selection of Motherboard form (Gigabyte – Asus – EVGA – MSI – ASRock) Intel & AMD for (10th – 11th – 12th) Generation Processor

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GIGABYTE H410M S2H V3 Ultra Durable Motherboard H410M S2H V3

SKU: 1200211
65.00  JOD


MB Series


MB Form Factors

Micro ATX

MB CPU Socket

LGA 1200 Intel 10Th And 11Th Gen

MB Ram Slots

2 Slots DDR4

MB Expansion Slots

M.2 Sata, PCIeX1, PCIeX16

MB Wi-Fi & Bluetooth